Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chickens, Crickets and Credits

I have not blogged in many moons. Since my last post it has grown really hot and muggy, I processed some biodiesel from poultry fat for a racing fuel company, the federal biodiesel production and blender credit still has not been renewed, and I have a new pump for the process heat system that makes noise like a bubbling brook -- can you say hammock time?

This heat has been a real killer... literally. Some friends that raise pastured broiler chickens had more than 2 dozen birds die just a couple days ago in this hot and humid June we just experienced. On the bright side, it does make the veggie oil flow nicely when I'm collecting from our partner restaurants and the zoo. You can see all of our current veggie oil partners on the STARworks Biofuels website.

Congress still has not been able to get their act together in support of the biofuels industry to renew the biodiesel production and blender credit. The House of Representatives passed a bill on to Senate, but it is stalled at this point. You can read more and find out how to take action to show your support at National Biodiesel Board's website or on Facebook. Word on the street is that nearly all of the large biodiesel producers in the US have furloughed workers or shut their doors completely until the credit is reinstated. Yes, the margins are that slim. You would think that the tragic BP oil spill might motivate our representatives in Washington to find and support alternatives which don't make such a mess.

Speaking of which, I processed some biodiesel from chicken fat for a company named BW Fuel. Based here in NC, they make a more environmentally friendly racing fuel for motorcycles. Did you know that the motorcycle racing circuit still allows the use of leaded racing fuel!?! I was amazed when the guys from BW Fuel told me that. I remember when I was a kid, and the country got off leaded fuel at the pump due to all the health issues. BW Fuel is raising awareness and being a part of the solution to better, cleaner racing fuel for motorcycle racing groups. Read more about them at their website, . Also, look at the difference between biodiesel from used fryer oil(right) and chicken fat(left). Its a nice bright, yellow color, isn't it?

Last week, Jim Gosnell, from Industrial Integration, and myself swapped out some noisy gear pumps in our process heat system for these nice, quiet Bell and Gossett inline water pumps. The only sound you can hear now is a bubbling brook as the water flows back into the tank on its return trip from the tanks in the plant. I think I could hang a hammock next to it for a siesta if it were a bit cooler. Now, listen to what the old pump sounded like in a video I made on youtube. What a difference!

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