Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bring us your turkey frying oil!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The good fellas from Piedmont Biofuels and Industrial Integration have pretty well wrapped up equipment installation. Testing of the plumbing was a success and some veggie oil is settling in tank #1. That means you can bring us your turkey frying oil from Thanksgiving and any other festivities. Don't put it in the landfill, but rather bring it by STARworks.

We are running warm water from the heat exchanger on the glass furnace through the heat system in which temps have reached as high as 115F... and that is without insulation. Speaking of which, we are getting quotes on insulating tanks with polyurethane spray foam in the plant to enhance the efficiency and reduce our energy consumption. It is almost time to make some fuel!

Nancy and I were interviewed by the Biofuels Center of NC, and the podcast was posted on their website.

Click here to visit their podcast page and listen to our interview and many others.