Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Three R's

Greetings! Here at STARworks, we are Reusing a plant that was shut down several years ago. One of the many projects here is the biofuels plant, surrounded by our garden and glass and ceramics studios. We are also neighbors with Wet Dog Glass and Comfort South. The biofuels facility will be located in the old tank farm which housed big tanks of dyes and other things used to make socks here many moons ago. Here you can see a pic of the building where we will be making biodiesel in a couple months.

We will be Reducing our energy footprint here by installing a newer boiler which will run more efficiently than the current unit. This boiler will be able to run on a blend of biodiesel created in our plant to heat office and workspace throughout the plant.

At the biofuels plant we plan to Recycle waste veggie oil as our feedstock for making biodiesel. Additionally, we will be working with the glass and ceramics folks to look at using the waste glycerine for its fuel and clay conditioning abilities.